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Lanterne Rouge
Type of Bike :
Defy, Merlin, Trance and Basher
Biography :
A few years ago Lantern R was lured unsuspecting into riding by Admin C, now I have four bikes, which appears to be D-1. Base camp for team LR recently moved to the leafy upper north shore, which was,
ER Rides and Events - see also the daily timetable    
Date Time Ride/Event Pace Join
Tue 26 Sep 06:40 AM Tuesday Rhodes Roubaix OAFATSR  
Riders: Victa
Fri 29 Sep 05:15 AM Parra Pony 2.0 top Kisso 0515 sharp  
Riders: Binners, Harry, Wilson
Sun 8 Oct 05:30 AM Around the Bay Windy  
Riders: Doc, highlander, Limpet, Lucy, Manga, Philby, UNick, Victa, Zlatko
Wed 18 Oct 06:45 AM Ride 2 Work Day Welcoming  
Riders: Binners, Boycey, Flash, Harry, highlander, Lloydy, Victa, Zlatko
Sun 22 Oct 06:30 AM Bowral Classic Sportif  
Riders: Harry, highlander, Lobbster, Quitetall
Sun 22 Oct 08:00 AM Rapha hydration ride Tasting  
Sun 29 Oct 07:00 AM Fitz's Slow up / Fast down  
Riders: Matthew
Sun 5 Nov 04:00 AM The Gong, and maybe back Slow, average and fast  
Riders: Admin, Binners, Boycey, Dragon, Horatio, Lassie, Laurie T, Limpet, Lloydy, UNick, Wilson
Sun 5 Nov 06:30 AM Peaks Challenge Cradle Mountain 13 hour  
Riders: highlander
Sat 25 Nov 07:00 PM ER Chrissie Party - 2017 Dashing ... through snow ...  
Riders: Admin, Boycey, highlander, Horatio, Lassie, Victa, Wilson
Sat 2 Dec 07:00 AM L'Etape Australia 8 hour  
Riders: highlander, Limpet, UNick, Zlatko
Sun 11 Mar 06:00 AM 3 Peaks 13 hour  
Riders: highlander, Victa
Wed 25 Apr 03:15 AM ANZAC Memorial Service Flash Pace  
Riders: Flash, Virgin
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