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Epping Commute
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Cannondale EVO3
Biography :
I live in the Hills area of Sydney and have been bashing out weekend rides with mates on my old Felt F75. I have recently upgraded to carbon (Cannondale EVO3 - what a revelation!) and started commuti
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Commute to work
Zeyad Sweidan
Like to ride for exercise and enjoying the outdoor.
Gerald Ewing
Social rider with small weekend group doing an 80k Sunday morning coffee ride interspersed with longer rides. Occasional commuter looking to improve mental and physical state!
Darryl Reichelt
I am 56 and have been living in Sydney and riding for 2 years. I enjoy the social aspects of riding as well as the challenges of major events. Hills are a must!
Tom Williamson
I'm a balding, full time cyclist, part time runner and swimmer who needs to stretch more and pay attention in yoga. I'm happily married, puppy whipped by two Lakeland Terriers and an aspiring grownup. I work to live, not the other way around. While I'm alive, I'll cycle more than I'll walk, I'll be kind to animals, enjoy cooking and beach time with Jasper and Quin. I'll travel to places not many people have been to, call my parents weekly and have my hair cut more often.
Vivienne Brimelow
Health Professional and Researcher "Studies have shown that riding a bicycle everyday makes you more awesome than the general population"
James Stewart
Love all types of riding but particularly love cross country mountain bike riding.
Craig Roberts
N + 1
Gray Beard (GB)
David Phillips
Bike rider since childhood and commuter since the mid 1980's. Came across recumbent bikes 10 years ago through an interest in aerodynamics of all things.
OTP epping
Michael Wensley
Christian. Husband to Victoria. Dad to Madeleine, Anna, Nicholas and Sonia. Cyclist. Too old to dunk a basketball, but can still ride bike.
Matt Hair
Triathlete. Enjoy living a healthy active lifestyle.
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