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Lanterne Rouge
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Defy, Merlin, Trance and Basher
Biography :
A few years ago Lantern R was lured unsuspecting into riding by Admin C, now I have four bikes, which appears to be D-1. Base camp for team LR recently moved to the leafy upper north shore, which was,
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Jar Jar
Craig Binks
Now residing in the beautiful Blue Mountains I like to keep in contact with the Easy Riders and attend some of the social rides
Kate Olgers
Lawyer and senior business leader. Mum to 2 wonderful children and a lovable Groodle. Happily divorced - he didn't understand the passion for cycling!
Michael Cooper
I love riding especially if the road is going up hill
Simon Weeks
1. Got born 2. Ate, drank, slept, repeated 3. Walked, ran, rode.
William Rowland
I am married (second time around), with 3 children (Blended). Live in Castle Hill at the Kellyville side. Whilst I have been riding for the past 10 years, I have only been commuting for the past couple of years, I really love the ride to and from the office, as it allows me to relax and wind down.
One True Path
Reggie Probst
Riding to work to relax and turn commuting from Asquith and morning rides into one event.
Ali Parker
Ali Parker
I just love to get out on the bike
Lucy Alexus
Trying to keep up with ER..RRis my fav
Age 56...Fitness enthusiast and surf sports competitor who has recently taken to road bikes. Have had a mountain bike for about 5 years and with everything else I do couldn't find time for training on the road. Love it now that I have. Work in IT Mgmt at Deloitte with Infrastructure and Security Operations. Wife who puts up with my sporting pursuits.
Nick Tonkin
Back in the North Shore I was keen to get back on the bike and do some great riding with a superb group of people. Enter ER. Hobbits is the chosen path with the northern shire folk, a group of riders of priceless quality.
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