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Andy M
Type of Bike :
Azzurri Primo Pro
Biography :
Dont live on the North Shore, or work in the city. So I'm just a weekend tag-along. My theory is that coffee tastes best at the top of a mountain climb.
When: Thu 22 Feb 07:00 PM
Location:Hayden Orpheum
Attendees:Boycey, Dragon, HB, highlander, Lassie, Limpet, Turnip, Victa, Zlatko

On 22 February, you have the opportunity to support the great work of Tour De Cure whilst seeing one of the first screenings of the new movie MAMILS at the Hayden Orpheum.
The movie screening is dependant on at least 50 more tickets being sold by the end of this month – so please purchase using this link  as soon as possible and $6 of the ticket price will be donated to Tour De Cure.
Share with your like-minded lycra-clad buddies, or simply those who cannot understand what drives these strange creatures – you can find the trailer here  to whet your appetite.