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Cervello RS
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In a perennial state of advancing decline.
Longest Coffee on the Shortest Day
When: Thu 21 Jun 06:25 AM
Riders:Flash, Hipster Ned, Laurie T, Lucy
Description:***** UPDATE**** Unless ewes want an extra 30min (aka also leaving 30mins earlier) ride and a couple of 100m of climbing I'll be changing the ride to (all 'cause no one wants to take responsibility and dredge the channel at Ettalong). . . . *** The Longest Coffee on The Shortest Day *** Meet corner of Edward and Rosedale at 6:25 for a BD to barcycle or if there is interest stopping at Xenos for a Galiano to warm the innerself. *************** *************** Meet Hornsby pool for a bit of a roller coaster ride down car free Luton Highway to Gosford outskirts where we'll join a couple of tradies to Coast for brekkie/coffee or the bakery at Ettalong. Well then join the working class for a million dollar ferry ride to Palm Beach to follow the green (or is it red?) carpet to work if that takes your fancy. Seize the moment otherwise you'll need to wait a year to attempt this great ride. I'll be leaving Turra cycle shortly after 3:30am if you want to join there.