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I live in Adelaide but work in Sydney. I am relatively new to the sport but love it. All my riding has been on the weekends in South Australia but I have a "Sydney" bike now so I get to ri
Bobbin Head Classic
When: Sun 24 Mar 06:30 AM
Pace:As you like it
Riders:Boycey, highlander, Horatio, Lassie, Mike, Pine Tree


As per email earlier this week, everyone who is anyone is doing the Bobbo this year.  The early bird special ends on 26 Jan.

The website to register is

If you are planning to take part in the event and want to register with the team search for "Sydney Easy Riders".  If it asks for a password you can use the secret code "bulletle2019" inspired by Our Fearless Leader, of course.


In case you missed my compelling arguments in favour of participating:

1. Yes, I know we can go ride these roads for free (without a horde of thousands) any time we like, but

2. It's fun

3. It has a great community atmosphere and raises money for Lifeline - which is a great cause

4. The marshalling of this event is fantastic.  There is really good support from volunteers, St Johns ambos and the cops.

4a. There are perfectly placed food and drink stops, e.g. at the top of the climb out of Akuna.  You will leave this event with more gels than you came with.

5. Registering for events is a great motivator.  You pays your money and you want to make it worthwhile.

6. Its our local event we should support it.

7. Having an ER presence is good for PR

8. If you have friends who aren't up to the 104km they can sign up for shorter distances and you can party together at the finish line

9.  They had beer at the finish line last year.  Honest.  And coffee. Take your pick.

10.  You might just see Tony Abbott wearing more than just a pair of speedos.  Who knows, he might be PM again by then.

11.  Need I provide any more reasons (hopefully #10 didn't put you off).

12.  Here's one more.  There's a sprint section up Bobbo, so you can satisfy your inner competitive schm*ck.

13. There's any early bird special which finishes on 26 January, so it would be un-Australian not to take up the offer.