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White Italian Steed (Grown in Asia)
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"Yes, I like Gatorade, and not getting caught in the rain. I'm not much into vegan food, I am into fried food. I've got to ride my bike by tomorrow and cut through all the wind. At a ca
Dasha turns 60!!!!
When: Sat 19 Mar 07:30 AM
Pace:Coffee ride pace
Riders:Admin, Boycey, Limpet, Lunchie, Oma, Victa, Wilson

This Saturday, Dasha joins the elite, ever growing number of ER members to adorn the brilliant Orange and Tomato. 

That's right, Dasha turns the big 6 oh my knees hurt with every turn of a pedal.

Join us for a ride that starts at Hornsby Pool at 7:30am, traverses Hornsby Heights to the end of the never ending Sommerville Road. That's it. No more to see.

We then make our way back to enjoy the delights of the Blue Water Grill in Hornsby. 

10 mins riding, 0 metres climbing, 2 hours eating

Depending on numbers, I may need to book the cafe so get in early