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NCM Ebike
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At about the same interval as the appearance of Halley’s Comet I decide I should do something about my fitness. An ebike is not an obvious choice but those who know me well understand that at least
Peaks 2023
When: Sun 12 Mar 07:00 AM
Pace:The best you can
Riders:Lionheart, Paparazzi, Pine Tree

Yes, I know it's 12 months away, but discounted entry of $235 for BN members ends Sun 27th March 2023. Commit now, training doesn't need to start until November or so, depending on fitness & time aspirations. Entries are usually transferrable and there's generally someone who'll look to buy it from you if your plans change.

ERs generally do this ride alone, relying on forging coalitions on the flat bits of road but if we get enough interested perhaps we can form groups targetting similar times.