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Trek Madone
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Started mountain biking 8 years ago, really enjoying the road bike now - great way to get to work and keep fit.
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First Name Ian
Last Name Wilkins
Ride Name RWtCB
How Long Riding(Years) 2
How Often Rides Per Week 4
Type of Bike Road
Biography Roger Wilko the Cabin Boy : You will get kudos on Strava from me because just getting on the bike and getting out there deserves it, pure and simple... I like bikes, beer and water polo - not necessarily in that order. I have three kids, 5, 7 and 9. They love it when I ride my bike and do everything they can to assist in me getting out and about... I teach spin classes (Les Mills RPM programme). I used to ride my bike regularly as a kid, living in Bath we had a fabulous hill down which I would ride to 6am swimming training, then the grind back up to school. I used to commute from Crows Nest to Chatswood and now ride in from Turramurra to the city.