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Trying to keep up with ER..RRis my fav
Admin Hip Bar
When: Fri 16 Feb 06:15 PM
Location:Home of the Administrator
Attendees:Admin, Binners, Dragon, Limpet, Quitetall, Wilson, Zlatko

A cracking week, why not end it with a rousing cheer.


Admin Hip Bar is on, gates open from 6:15 this Friday.  A fine selection of beers, wines and, for those who make it past 8 pm, a selection of Scotland's finest whiskey.


If you can, sign up.  All welcome!


Some details:

  1. 32 Princes St Turramurra
  2. Enter using the Side Gate (L)
  3. After parking your bike, trot out to the backyard where you'll be greated by Indiana and Calypso
  4. Beers various will be thrust into your hand