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Focus Mares
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BT: MAMIL...Baroudeur...Lanterne Rouge...people call me many names...HMOTN Jenny feel free to add more.
ER Rides and Events - see also the daily timetable    
Date Time Ride/Event Pace Join
Sun 22 Apr 07:00 AM Wild Windsor Pre Wintery Wonder Wide OAFATSR  
Riders: Limpet, Victa, Wilson
Wed 25 Apr 03:15 AM ANZAC Memorial Service Flash Pace  
Riders: Flash, Quitetall, Virgin
Fri 27 Apr 06:25 AM Reverse Back Door OAFAF  
Riders: Flash
Sun 29 Apr 07:00 AM Century Challenge - 100km Central Coast AFASTFR  
Riders: HB
Sun 29 Apr 07:00 AM Bobbo Berowra Brooklyn Breakfast OAFATSR  
Riders: Ingrid, Limpet, Lunchie, Wilson
Mon 30 Apr 07:30 AM Alex's last day Bar Cycle  
Riders: Flash
Wed 2 May 06:25 AM Reverse Back Door OAFAF  
Riders: Flash
Fri 4 May 06:25 AM Reverse Back Door OAFAF  
Riders: Flash
Sun 6 May 06:30 AM calga return with coffee in Cowan Oafatsr  
Riders: Doc, Ingrid, Lunchie, Victa
Sat 19 May 07:00 PM Avoid the Royal Wedding The Usual Saturday Traffic  
Riders: Flash
Sun 20 May 06:30 AM Sunday in the PITS with a Bobbo NOTE CHANGE IN MEETING POINT OAFATSR  
Riders: Horatio, Manga, Wilson
Sun 20 May 06:45 AM Patonga LongER Pace: Eins, Zwei, eins, zwei  
Riders: Juergen, Limpet, Lunchie
Thu 31 May 06:30 AM Cyclepath explorer OAFATSR  
Riders: Admin, Gretel , Lassie, Limpet, Manga, Wilson
Thu 21 Jun 03:50 AM Longest Commute on the Shortest Day OAFAF  
Riders: Flash, Hipster Ned
Sun 8 Jul 07:00 AM L'Etape du tour - Annecy - Le Grand-Bornand AFAP  
Riders: highlander, Laurie T, Lunchie, Turnip, Wilson
Tue 10 Jul 07:00 AM Stelvio Pass Loop Bormio  
Sat 8 Sep 06:15 AM Bondi2Berry Bondi  
Riders: Rex
Sun 7 Oct 06:00 AM Around the Bay 2018 Gale force  
Riders: Admin, Dasha, highlander, Ingrid, Limpet, UNick, Victa, Zlatko
Sun 21 Oct 06:00 AM Bowral Classic Sportif  
Riders: Disco
Sat 1 Dec 07:00 AM L'Etape Australia Puffing  
Riders: HB, highlander, Limpet, UNick, Wilson, Zlatko
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