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van diemen
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Ex rower, rugby player, lifesaver. Took up cycling to reverse the effects of 14 years of neglect! Have lost 30 kg since joining easy riders and have NOT changed my enjoyment of food! Highlights in
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Iron Mike
Mike Israel
Father of 3 and married to Sarah Believer at St Stephens, Normo ICT Education Consultant WEMBO Age Champion 2013 Also into photography, food, woodwork, music
Steve Astin
Originally from the UK, my background is mainly running but cycyle a couple of times a week
Chris Bentley
Like my bike. Like to ride. Crap climber. Recovering from knee reconstruction
Lone Ranger
Garry Brown
Travel, triathlons, family, fun and people fill the non-work space, and it's a small box. I'm working hard to keep in it.
Harry Suhanic
Knee surgeon said "take up cycling". So started out on my daughterís rusting mtb, then onto my son's 80ís "racer", before graduating to a NEW Roubaix in 2009. I catch the ER RR train when ever I can, & loving every moment on the bike.
Clive Johnston
Have ridden to school, college and work for 25 years.
No bikes indoors
Martin Pengilly
An enthusiastic runner who's knees said no more running, I now enjoy the hills and beauty of Sydney and surrounds, on and off road. Sadly (for me), all bikes have been banned from inside our house.
Richard  Woo
I started cycling a few years ago with a view to losing a bit of weight. Now ~15kg lighter, hills are a lot easier! Looking to commute into the city more regularly - the ER way.
Paul van Egmond
Paul Van Egmond
Casual rider trying to keep fit. Plan is to do the full XCM XC series next year.
Nick Mowat
I used to be a fat bloke with a desire to get fitter and faster after too many years of smoking and enjoying the company of good food and wine. Now I am a slightly thinner bloke who is a bit fitter and just loves riding. I commute three to four times a week and completed the 2015 Peaks Challenge with 5 and a half minutes to spare! No wasting energy there!
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