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2012 Giant TCR Advanced 2
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Love waking up early to pull on the lycra...! Enjoy the banter of the ER's!
ER Rides and Events - see also the daily timetable    
Date Time Ride/Event Pace Join
Sat 20 Jan 05:45 AM Ettalong Get Along OAFATSR  
Riders: Boycey, Lassie, Limpet, Lunchie
Fri 26 Jan 06:15 AM Australia Day pre-ride Only as fast etc  
Riders: Lunchie
Fri 26 Jan 07:00 AM Australia Day Ride OAFATSR  
Riders: Admin, BT, Bucky, Carrot, Disco, Dragon, HB, Hendo, highlander, Limpet, Lunchie, Manga, Turnip, Wilson, Zlatko
Sat 27 Jan 06:00 AM Postponed- Ups and Downs OAFATSR  
Sun 28 Jan 07:30 AM Beaches OFATSR  
Riders: Doc, Dragon, Limpet, Lloydy, Manga
Thu 1 Feb 05:15 AM Fluffer OAFATSR  
Riders: Doc, Limpet
Sun 4 Feb 06:00 AM Mangrove Mountain OAFATSR  
Riders: Dasha, Doc, highlander, Lassie, Limpet, UNick, Victa, Zlatko
Fri 9 Feb 05:15 PM Wilson Bar and Hog* Roast ETA 1835  
Riders: Admin, Binners, HB, highlander, Lassie, Limpet, Wilson, Zlatko
Sun 11 Feb 06:00 AM OAFATSR  
Riders: Lunchie, UNick, Victa
Sun 11 Feb 07:00 AM Wisemans Ferry Loop - Gravel Ride OAFATSR  
Fri 16 Feb 06:15 PM Admin Hip Bar Home of the Administrator  
Riders: Admin, Binners, Dragon, Limpet, Quitetall, Wilson, Zlatko
Sun 18 Feb 06:00 AM BumblER OAFATSR  
Riders: Dasha, highlander, Ingrid, Limpet, Lunchie, Turnip, UNick, Victa, Wilson
Thu 22 Feb 07:00 PM MAMILS Hayden Orpheum  
Riders: Boycey, Dragon, HB, highlander, Lassie, Limpet, Turnip, Victa, Zlatko
Fri 23 Feb 06:30 PM L Bar 39 Cobran Road Cheltenham  
Riders: Binners, Ingrid, Zlatko
Sun 25 Feb 07:00 AM Six Gorges OAFATSR  
Riders: Doc, Lassie, Limpet, Lunchie, Victa, Wilson
Sat 3 Mar 08:00 AM Orange Parkrun Gosling Creek Reserve  
Sun 4 Mar 06:15 AM Orange challenge Depends on which ride you sign up for  
Riders: Ange, Boycey, BT, Bucky, Doc, highlander, Ingrid, Lassie, Laurie T, Limpet, Lucy, Lunchie, Philby, Pigeon, Turnip, UNick, Victa, Zlatko
Mon 5 Mar 06:25 AM ER Bald and Beautiful RBD OAFATSR  
Riders: Dragon, Flash, Lucy
Sun 11 Mar 06:00 AM 3 Peaks 13 hour  
Riders: highlander, Quitetall, UNick, Victa
Tue 13 Mar 06:40 AM Rapturous Rhodes Rendevouz OAFA3PERS  
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