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Began riding regularly in March 2012 to train for the Ride to Conquer Cancer after my 21yr old brother and 90yr old Grandfather were diagnosed with (and have sine beat!) the disease. Once my derriĆ
ER Rides and Events - see also the daily timetable    
Date Time Ride/Event Pace Join
Fri 19 Jan 06:30 PM Binners' Bar Turramurra (not as posh as Warrawee)  
Riders: Binners, Wilson
Sat 20 Jan 05:45 AM Ettalong Get Along OAFATSR  
Riders: Boycey, Lassie, Limpet, Lunchie
Fri 26 Jan 06:15 AM Australia Day pre-ride Only as fast etc  
Riders: Lunchie
Fri 26 Jan 07:00 AM Australia Day Ride OAFATSR  
Riders: Admin, BT, Bucky, Carrot, Disco, Dragon, HB, Hendo, highlander, Limpet, Lunchie, Manga, Turnip, Wilson, Zlatko
Sat 27 Jan 06:00 AM Postponed- Ups and Downs OAFATSR  
Sun 28 Jan 07:30 AM Beaches OFATSR  
Riders: Doc, Dragon, Limpet, Lloydy, Manga
Thu 1 Feb 05:15 AM Fluffer OAFATSR  
Riders: Doc, Limpet
Sun 4 Feb 06:00 AM Mangrove Mountain OAFATSR  
Riders: Dasha, Doc, highlander, Lassie, Limpet, UNick, Victa, Zlatko
Fri 9 Feb 05:15 PM Wilson Bar and Hog* Roast ETA 1835  
Riders: Admin, Binners, HB, highlander, Lassie, Limpet, Wilson, Zlatko
Sun 11 Feb 06:00 AM OAFATSR  
Riders: Lunchie, UNick, Victa
Sun 11 Feb 07:00 AM Wisemans Ferry Loop - Gravel Ride OAFATSR  
Fri 16 Feb 06:15 PM Admin Hip Bar Home of the Administrator  
Riders: Admin, Binners, Dragon, Limpet, Quitetall, Wilson, Zlatko
Sun 18 Feb 06:00 AM BumblER OAFATSR  
Riders: Dasha, highlander, Ingrid, Limpet, Lunchie, Turnip, UNick, Victa, Wilson
Thu 22 Feb 07:00 PM MAMILS Hayden Orpheum  
Riders: Boycey, Dragon, HB, highlander, Lassie, Limpet, Turnip, Victa, Zlatko
Fri 23 Feb 06:30 PM L Bar 39 Cobran Road Cheltenham  
Riders: Binners, Ingrid, Zlatko
Sun 25 Feb 07:00 AM Six Gorges OAFATSR  
Riders: Doc, Lassie, Limpet, Lunchie, Victa, Wilson
Sun 4 Mar 06:15 AM Orange challenge Depends on which ride you sign up for  
Riders: Ange, Boycey, BT, Bucky, Doc, highlander, Ingrid, Lassie, Laurie T, Limpet, Lunchie, Philby, Pigeon, Turnip, UNick, Victa, Zlatko
Sun 11 Mar 06:00 AM 3 Peaks 13 hour  
Riders: highlander, Quitetall, UNick, Victa
Wed 25 Apr 03:15 AM ANZAC Memorial Service Flash Pace  
Riders: Flash, HB, Quitetall, Virgin
Sat 19 May 07:00 AM Avoid the Royal Wedding Flashette  
Riders: Flash
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