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Steely (& maybe some others)
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Started commuting from St Ives into the CBD 4 years ago and now ride pretty much everyday.
ER Rides and Events - see also the daily timetable    
Date Time Ride/Event Pace Join
Fri 21 Sep 05:15 PM Boerewors Rolls at Bar HB ONFATSR  
Riders: Binners, HB, highlander, Limpet, Sandy, Wilson, Zlatko
Sat 22 Sep 06:00 AM Go for Broke - 180km Pick a peloton  
Riders: Binners, Rex
Wed 3 Oct 07:30 AM ER Annual General Meeting Bar Cycle  
Riders: Admin, Disco, Doc, Lulu, Sandy, Victa
Sun 7 Oct 06:00 AM Around the Bay 2018 Gale force  
Riders: Admin, Dasha, Doc, highlander, Ingrid, Lassie, Limpet, Lunchie, Manga, Turnip, UNick, Victa, Zlatko
Sun 21 Oct 06:00 AM Bowral Classic Sportif  
Riders: Binners, Disco, Harry, HB, highlander, Lulu
Sun 28 Oct 07:30 AM Fitz's Challenge Canberra  
Riders: Matthew
Sun 4 Nov 05:00 AM G2GGvG Charity  
Riders: Admin, Horatio, Lassie, Lunchie, Manga, Sandy, Wilson
Sat 24 Nov 07:00 PM ER Chrissie Party - 2018 Chippo's Corner  
Riders: Admin, Flamingo, HB, highlander, Horatio, Lassie, Rex, Sandy, Victa, Wilson, Zlatko
Sat 1 Dec 07:00 AM L'Etape Australia Puffing  
Riders: Dasha, HB, highlander, Laurie T, Limpet, Turnip, UNick, Wilson, Zlatko
Sun 10 Mar 07:00 AM 3 Peaks 2019 13 hrs  
Riders: Admin, Dasha, highlander, Lunchie, Manga, Matthew, Peter, Rex, Victa
Sun 10 Mar 07:00 AM Cape Town Cycle Tour (Argus) AFAP  
Riders: HB
Thu 25 Apr 03:15 AM ANZAC Dawn Service Commerative  
Riders: Flash
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