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Giant Defy 2
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A mild mannered IT specialist by trade. I train pretty much all year round to prepare for various running and cycling events, as well as participate in Triathlon races during the season. I always try
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Date Time Ride/Event Pace Join
Sun 15 Aug 07:00 AM Noosa Classic Sun tan speed  
Riders: Harry
Sun 12 Sep 07:00 AM Orange Challenge 2021 OAFATSR (maybe)  
Riders: Dasha, Doc, Goran, Limpet, Lionheart, Manga, Oma, Philby, Pine Tree, Victa, Wilson
Thu 30 Sep 09:00 AM Sea Otter Australia Mt Stromlo Canberra  
Sun 3 Oct 05:00 AM Around the Bay 2021 OAFATSR  
Riders: Admin, Dasha, Doc, highlander, Lassie, Limpet, Oma, Philby, Pine Tree, RTG, Victa
Sun 3 Oct 06:00 AM Fitzs Challenge Personal  
Riders: Paparazzi
Sun 17 Oct 07:30 AM Bowral Classic 25 KMph  
Riders: Ben, Flash, Goran, Horatio, Lionheart, Lozza, Pine Tree
Sun 7 Nov 05:15 AM MS Gong Ride (or GTTGGVG?) OAFATSR (maybe)  
Riders: Boycey, Dragon, Lionheart, Lozza
Sun 13 Mar 06:00 AM Three Peaks 2022 13 hour  
Riders: highlander, Los Angeles, Pine Tree, Victa
Thu 29 Sep 10:00 AM Sea Otter 2022 Canberra (Mt. Stromlo)  
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