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Giant TCR Advanced 1
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I used to be a fat bloke with a desire to get fitter and faster after too many years of smoking and enjoying the company of good food and wine. Now I am a slightly thinner bloke who is a bit fitter an
Routes out of the City

 ER return runs include

  1. Back to Gordon via Werona Avenue – the Captain’s Run over the Hills Of Death. Leaves the south end of the ahrbour Bridge at 5:15 and 6 pm each evening.
  2. Home via the back streets - the Back Door. the 5:15 bus typically takes the Back Door or Hobbit Run home.
  3. Home via Epping Road bike path. The Epping crew are all highly efficient so can get out of the office early. This bus normally leaves at 5:15 pm each evening.
  4. Parramatta to Turramurra. Timing depends on Van Diemens training schedule.
  5. Home via Mosman and Allambie Road - the Flambé/Flambie.
  6. A more complicated route through Mosman then Allambie Road - Mavis's Magical Mystery Tour
  7. Home via the Northern Beaches - the Powderworks Return
  8. Longest way home via the Northern Beaches and McCarrs Creek Road - the Reverse Flutter, otherwise know as the Bronwyn.

 See the calendar for special runnings of the longer routes home.