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No bikes indoors
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An enthusiastic runner who's knees said no more running, I now enjoy the hills and beauty of Sydney and surrounds, on and off road. Sadly (for me), all bikes have been banned from inside our ho
Routes into the City

ER runs several rides into the city each day

  1. Gordon to the City via Werona Avenue - this is the historic ER run and hence known as the One True Path. Leaves Gordon at 6:45 each weekday morning.
  2. Gordon to the City via the back streets - this runs slightly to the east of the OTP and is known as the Reverse Back Door. Leaves Gordon at 6:40 most mornings.
  3. Marsfield to the City via Epping Road bike path. Leaves Marsfiled at 6:45 each weekday morning.
  4. Turramurra to the City via Lane Cove National Park - the Hobbit Run. Leaves Turramurra at 6:25 most mornings.
  5. Turramurra to Parramatta. Leaves Turramurra at 6:30 most mornings.
  6. Turramurra to the City each Friday - the Rhodes Roubaix. Leaves Turramurra at 6:30 every Friday.
  7. St Ives to the City via Akuna Bay and the Northern Beaches (the hard version) - the Flutter. Infrequent but a great ride when it's on.
  8. St Ives to the City via McCarrs Creek and the Northern Beaches (the soft version) - the Fluffer. Leaves St Ives at 5;15 each Tuesday and Thrusday.

See the calendar for special rides including the Flutter and Fluffer.