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Ride Name :
Woody B2B
Type of Bike :
2 Wheeled
Biography :
Woody: Have learnt to enjoy doing things poorly.
Routes into the City

ER runs several rides into the city each day

  1. Gordon to the City via Werona Avenue - this is the historic ER run and hence known as the One True Path. Leaves Gordon at 6:45 each weekday morning.
  2. Gordon to the City via the back streets - this runs slightly to the east of the OTP and is known as the Reverse Back Door. Leaves Gordon at 6:40 most mornings.
  3. Marsfield to the City via Epping Road bike path. Leaves Marsfiled at 6:45 each weekday morning.
  4. Turramurra to the City via Lane Cove National Park - the Hobbit Run. Leaves Turramurra at 6:25 most mornings.
  5. Turramurra to Parramatta. Leaves Turramurra at 6:30 most mornings.
  6. Turramurra to the City each Friday - the Rhodes Roubaix. Leaves Turramurra at 6:30 every Friday.
  7. St Ives to the City via Akuna Bay and the Northern Beaches (the hard version) - the Flutter. Infrequent but a great ride when it's on.
  8. St Ives to the City via McCarrs Creek and the Northern Beaches (the soft version) - the Fluffer. Leaves St Ives at 5;15 each Tuesday and Thrusday.

See the calendar for special rides including the Flutter and Fluffer.