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Adventure guy
Type of Bike :
Colnago and Gary Fisher 29er
Biography :
Early riding years spent around the streets of the northern suburbs of Wollongong on my Raleigh grifter BMX variant. Several years later discovered mountain biking as part of Adventure racing and ever
ER Rides and Events - see also the daily timetable    
Date Time Ride/Event Pace Join
Tue 2 Jun 06:45 AM ER Zwift Roubaix - Lutscher Virtual  
Riders: Admin, Al, highlander, Limpet, Victa
Mon 8 Jun 07:30 AM Queen's Birthday Roll Only as slow as the tenth minion  
Riders: Admin
Tue 9 Jun 06:45 AM Zwift Roubaix Virtual  
Riders: Admin
Sat 1 Aug 06:30 AM Winter Westerly Virtual  
Riders: Admin, Ben, Dasha, Limpet, Manga, Pine Tree, Scott, Victa
Tue 1 Sep 08:00 AM Royal Parkes Agricultural Show OAFATSR  
Riders: Flash, HB, Lola
Sun 11 Oct 06:30 AM United Energy Around the Bay Breezy  
Riders: Dasha, Ed, highlander, Limpet, Manga, Pine Tree, RTG, Victa
Sat 17 Oct 08:00 AM Trundle ABBA festival Dancing queen pace  
Riders: Flash
Sat 28 Nov 07:00 AM L'Etape in Kiama Your own  
Riders: HB, highlander, Laurie, Pine Tree, Tanny
Sun 7 Mar 06:30 AM Peaks Challenge Falls Creek Better than last time you did it  
Riders: Flash, Laurie, Lionheart, Paparazzi, Pine Tree, Victa
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