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I'm not known for working my way up to things...rolling out of bed one day and deciding to ride 100Km on the 1st ER Ladies Day...lived to tell the tale!
ER Rides and Events - see also the daily timetable    
Date Time Ride/Event Pace Join
Fri 28 Dec 06:40 AM The Real Roads Roubiax OAFATSRWIF  
Riders: Boycey, Chippo, Dragon, Flash, Penelope
Fri 28 Dec 06:00 PM Highlander Bar The Whitehouse  
Riders: Admin, Flash, Limpet, Oma, Victa, Wilson, Zlatko
Sat 29 Dec 06:00 AM Newcastle ! Admin rides at the front wth a red flag  
Riders: Admin, Oma, Pigeon, Victa, Wilson
Sun 30 Dec 02:00 PM Wilson BBQ Eat till you cant move  
Riders: Admin, Binners, Dragon, highlander, Oma, Pigeon, Victa, Zlatko
Mon 31 Dec 06:35 AM Zorbital Normal  
Riders: Dragon, highlander, Lunchie, Pigeon
Thu 3 Jan 06:00 AM Fluffer OAFATSR  
Riders: Admin, Doc, Manga, Pigeon, Victa
Sun 6 Jan 06:30 AM CANCELLED DUE TO RAIN: Somersby Return Wait at the top of climbs(notable ones)  
Riders: Boycey, Flash, Lunchie
Fri 11 Jan 06:25 AM Roads FlyDay OAFATSRWIF  
Riders: Dragon, Flash
Fri 11 Jan 06:40 PM HBar HBar White House  
Riders: highlander, Limpet, Pigeon
Sun 13 Jan 07:30 AM Three Gorges Post Christmas pudding climbing pace  
Riders: Doc, Dragon, Horatio, Lunchie, Manga, Oma, Wilson
Tue 15 Jan 06:40 AM Roads RooBay OAFATSRWIF  
Riders: Flash
Thu 17 Jan 05:40 AM Ride Manly Beach, swim the B&B, ride to work Need to be at Manly Breach at 6.50am  
Riders: HB
Fri 18 Jan 06:25 AM Roads FlyDay OAFATSRWIF  
Riders: Flash
Fri 18 Jan 06:30 PM Inaugral P-Bar Boundary Road, Wahroonga  
Riders: Binners, Blue Stratos, Flash, highlander, Lassie, Lunchie, Pink Stratos, Zlatko
Sun 20 Jan 07:30 AM Akuna loop and coffee OAFATSR  
Riders: Blue Stratos, Boycey, Limpet, Lunchie, Oma, Pink Stratos
Wed 23 Jan 06:45 PM Tour de TasmaniER BBQ and well wishers Limpet's place  
Riders: Dragon, highlander, Lucy, Lunchie, Victa
Fri 25 Jan 05:15 AM Parra Pony dirt-bound  
Riders: Binners
Fri 25 Jan 06:25 AM Roads FlyDay Penguin Spotting OAFATSRWIF  
Riders: Flamingo, Flash
Tue 29 Jan 06:40 AM Duesday Roads RooBay OAFATSRWIF  
Riders: Flash
Sun 10 Feb 07:00 AM Calga and return via Saddles OAFATSR  
Riders: Doc, Oma, Victa
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