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TBA (Dale Hurley)
Type of Bike :
A cheap one
Biography :
Recently married, just moved to Bushland Shire (Hornsby), CTO of CreditorWatch and Studying an MBA.
ER Rides and Events - see also the daily timetable    
Date Time Ride/Event Pace Join
Fri 28 Dec 06:40 AM The Real Roads Roubiax OAFATSRWIF  
Riders: Boycey, Chippo, Dragon, Flash, Penelope
Fri 28 Dec 06:00 PM Highlander Bar The Whitehouse  
Riders: Admin, Flash, Limpet, Oma, Victa, Wilson, Zlatko
Sat 29 Dec 06:00 AM Newcastle ! Admin rides at the front wth a red flag  
Riders: Admin, Oma, Pigeon, Victa, Wilson
Sun 30 Dec 02:00 PM Wilson BBQ Eat till you cant move  
Riders: Admin, Binners, Dragon, highlander, Oma, Pigeon, Victa, Zlatko
Mon 31 Dec 06:35 AM Zorbital Normal  
Riders: Dragon, highlander, Lunchie, Pigeon
Thu 3 Jan 06:00 AM Fluffer OAFATSR  
Riders: Admin, Doc, Manga, Pigeon, Victa
Sun 6 Jan 06:30 AM CANCELLED DUE TO RAIN: Somersby Return Wait at the top of climbs(notable ones)  
Riders: Boycey, Flash, Lunchie
Fri 11 Jan 06:25 AM Roads FlyDay OAFATSRWIF  
Riders: Dragon, Flash
Fri 11 Jan 06:40 PM HBar HBar White House  
Riders: highlander, Limpet, Pigeon
Sun 13 Jan 07:30 AM Three Gorges Post Christmas pudding climbing pace  
Riders: Doc, Dragon, Horatio, Lunchie, Manga, Oma, Wilson
Tue 15 Jan 06:40 AM Roads RooBay OAFATSRWIF  
Riders: Flash
Thu 17 Jan 05:40 AM Ride Manly Beach, swim the B&B, ride to work Need to be at Manly Breach at 6.50am  
Riders: HB
Fri 18 Jan 06:25 AM Roads FlyDay OAFATSRWIF  
Riders: Flash
Fri 18 Jan 06:30 PM Inaugral P-Bar Boundary Road, Wahroonga  
Riders: Binners, Blue Stratos, Flash, highlander, Lassie, Lunchie, Pink Stratos, Zlatko
Sun 20 Jan 07:30 AM Akuna loop and coffee OAFATSR  
Riders: Blue Stratos, Boycey, Limpet, Lunchie, Oma, Pink Stratos
Wed 23 Jan 06:45 PM Tour de TasmaniER BBQ and well wishers Limpet's place  
Riders: Dragon, highlander, Lucy, Lunchie, Victa
Fri 25 Jan 05:15 AM Parra Pony dirt-bound  
Riders: Binners
Fri 25 Jan 06:25 AM Roads FlyDay Penguin Spotting OAFATSRWIF  
Riders: Flamingo, Flash
Tue 29 Jan 06:40 AM Duesday Roads RooBay OAFATSRWIF  
Riders: Flash
Sun 10 Feb 07:00 AM Calga and return via Saddles OAFATSR  
Riders: Doc, Oma, Victa
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