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Argon 18 Krypton
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A newbie in road cycling and commuting. Still clumsy on keeping my balance - proven by the number of times I've fallen off my bike! Did the Ride to Conquer Cancer in 2012 and currently training t
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First Name Tony
Last Name Doherty
Ride Name TD
How Long Riding(Years) 38
How Often Rides Per Week 10
Type of Bike Colnago '75 Super; S-Works Tarmac, Jim Bundy Commuter
Biography Being Asquith born and bread, living off a small Cul-de-sac (Laurel Close) with heaps of kids all my age. Bike riding was the only way to get around. Whether it was learning to wheelstand all the way up our street, getting some serious air jumping a wooden ramp or hitting the fire trails around Hornsby Heights. It was truely a good way to learn bike riding skills. After I left school the Pacific highway to Chatswood was the way to go. The thirty minute commute was fun, fun until the day I stopped riding for 20-odd years. I found out the hard way that cars can stop way faster than a bike! Anyhow, 23 years past - I had left my youth and my 68kg frame was a distant memory. Pushing 46 years old and 92kg, I had enough of roundabout of home-work-home via the "Barry". So I decided to ride again. Back in early April 2012 I met Dobbo we chatted, then a week or so later so met again and he told me all about ER. Things haven't looked back since. The Epping chapter of Dobbo, Zaltko, Lobster, Simon, Danny the Boy, BT and I has grown. Without the ER group, I know I would have been back on the "barry" a long time ago.