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Colnago '75 Super; S-Works Tarmac,
Biography :
Being Asquith born and bread, living off a small Cul-de-sac (Laurel Close) with heaps of kids all my age. Bike riding was the only way to get around. Whether it was learning to wheelstand all the way
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First Name Tim
Last Name Hunt
Ride Name Amsterdam
How Long Riding(Years) 1
How Often Rides Per Week 4
Type of Bike Merida Scultura 904
Biography Took up riding because I was sick of running injuries to my feet, ankles, calves,knees, thighs and back. Love and hate riding up and over the hills of Ku-Ring-Gai. Oh, and by the way the best way to start the day is a hug in bed from my kids. I prefer that other stuff in the evenings.