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No bikes indoors
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An enthusiastic runner who's knees said no more running, I now enjoy the hills and beauty of Sydney and surrounds, on and off road. Sadly (for me), all bikes have been banned from inside our ho
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First Name ANTHONY
Ride Name TT
How Long Riding(Years) 10
How Often Rides Per Week 4
Type of Bike Cannondale Synapse
Biography I'm almost 55 years old and a 34-year veteran of the NSW Police Force, living in Umina Beach on the Central Coast with my wife, Daughter and Grandson. When I'm not riding, I'm indulging in my other passion - surfing. I've been riding for about 10 years, mostly commuting (to Parramatta) and with the St Huberts Island Triathlon (S.H.I.T.) Club. I used to be a triathlete, marathon runner and ocean swimmer (completed an Ironman in my mid-life crisis at age 50) but now I just ride to get to work, stay fit, have fun and socialise. I ride about 200kms per week.