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Ride Name :
Phil H
Type of Bike :
Pinarello Paris
Biography :
I try to ride Mondays and Wednesdays work and wife permitting. I work at Mascot (Qantas) so have been pioneering the toll free Easy Riders Airport Link via Darling Harbour, Ultimo and Redfern !
Rider's Profile
First Name Yeong
Last Name Lee
Ride Name Calfie
How Long Riding(Years) 4
How Often Rides Per Week 3
Type of Bike White Italian Steed (Grown in Asia)
Biography "Yes, I like Gatorade, and not getting caught in the rain. I'm not much into vegan food, I am into fried food. I've got to ride my bike by tomorrow and cut through all the wind. At a cafe called Good Fellas, where we'll plan our next ride."