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Scott Road, Jim Bundy Custom-Steely, Fuj
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Ex high school Inglesh teacha Currently studying Food Science at UNSW Poor as a church mouse :(
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Lanterne Rouge
First Name Hugh
Last Name Robertson
Ride Name Lanterne Rouge
How Long Riding(Years) 6
How Often Rides Per Week 3
Type of Bike Defy, Merlin, Trance and Basher
Biography A few years ago Lantern R was lured unsuspecting into riding by Admin C, now I have four bikes, which appears to be D-1. Base camp for team LR recently moved to the leafy upper north shore, which was, contrary to all rumours not solely so I could become a more regular member of the ER bunch. You can ask me how I got to be LR it's a long story (over 10 hours)