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I started cycling a few years ago with a view to losing a bit of weight. Now ~15kg lighter, hills are a lot easier! Looking to commute into the city more regularly - the ER way.
Loftus - Woolongong - Deleted
When: Sat 27 May 09:00 AM
  • Depart at Loftus train station heading south on the Princess HWY. 
  • Descend into Bulli on Princess HWY
  • Follow Princess HWY into Woolongong
  • In Woolongong hop onto the train back to Loftus after approx. 55km OR 
  • Add the loop ascending to Mt Keira, heading to Kembla Hights, then back down to Woolongong
  • Hop onto the train back to Loftus after approx. 85 km OR
  • Keep riding the scenic route heading back along the coast  to Loftus
  • Finish, 143 km, 2.300 m elevation gain

Route on Stava :