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Chindo: FM Member :)
MS Gong Ride (or GTTGGVG?)
When: Sun 1 May 05:15 AM
Pace:OAFATSR (maybe)
Riders:Blue Stratos, Boycey, Dragon, Lionheart, Loz, Pine Tree, RTG

The Gong ride 40th Anniversary edition has been moved to 1 May 2022. Once more unto the (Sea Cliff) Bridge, dear friends, once more?  Shall Father Blue lead us not to Tempe Station? And what of rumours of riders returning to Killara on the pedal? Yea, the suspense is killing me. 

PS: "Mayday....what the hell is that?..."     "Mayday? Why that's the Russian New Year! We'll have a big parade and....."