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Focus Paralane or Cell Depleted Uranium
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Better in pleats than cleats, this muppet shows a dogged loyalty to flat pedals. If only he could ride up hills...
MS Gong Ride (or GTTGGVG?)
When: Sun 6 Nov 05:15 AM
Pace:OAFATSR (maybe)
Riders:Blue Stratos, Boycey, Dragon, Lionheart, Lozza , Pink Stratos, RTG

The Gong ride 40th Anniversary edition has moved (AGAIN!) to November 6 2022. Once more unto the (Sea Cliff) Bridge, dear friends, once more?  Shall Father Blue lead us not to Tempe Station? And I won't even bother making jokes about the return ride because, let's face it, with the track record this event has had on cancellations, it'll be a bloody miracle if we get to the Gong in the first place.