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My name is Davis from Youndegin doing my final year engineering in Business. I did my schooling, secured 93% and hope to find someone with same interests in Travel.
When: Tue 29 Mar 06:30 AM
Pace:No drop elasticated waistband

Course: Greatest London Flat -

Best Bike: Road or TT as it's all tarmac.

To join, follow Victa on ZWIFT (search for Nick (Victa) Mowat) 

The ZWIFT "Keep everyone together" feature is actived for this ride - no one gets dropped if you keep pedalling.

Standard ER Virtual Kit "Bike and Beer".  

To get this you need to log in to Zwift on a PC or MAC (you cannot acquire new kit on other devices but once acquired it can be used on any device).  Start a ride. Press the P key and you will be prompted for a code. Enter "bikeandbeer" and press Enter. You see a message that your code worked.  Proposals for alternative kit for future weeks happily accepted.

Join Zoom so we can talk.  The following meetings have been set up:


Meeting ID: 373 794 3478

Passcode: 1234


7.00-730 am - Same meeting details:

Meeting ID: 373 794 3478

Passcode: 1234