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Flash: On the lookout for parked speed boats. Waiting for snow to fall to go XC sking.
ER Last Chance Rhodes with Doc
When: Tue 17 May 06:40 AM

For those who didnt know Doc is soon to depart for her world study tour in search of the humble potato's roots (literally). The tour will start in the UK next week then after a few weeks she is joining the French Farmers on the Tour de France potato route and head across the Alps to Italy where whe will view real Roman roads and ruins (as opposed to Limpet designated ones). After that she and Joe are hiring bikes and riding to Ukraine to help the war effort.

We hope to see her back for the ER Christmas Party In the meantime, you can help send her off by joining the Rhodes ride tomorrow morning. It will be a journey to remenber (Rhodes that is).

Blue and Pink and Velcro - where are you guys?