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Weekend warrior and occasional commuter. Needed somebody to have coffee with!
ER Rides and Events - see also the daily timetable    
Date Time Ride/Event Pace Join
Sat 4 Dec 06:30 PM StreetWork 12+12 (Eastern Creek) Moderate  
Riders: Hansel, Pine Tree
Sat 11 Dec 08:30 AM Dirty Bowral Gravel  
Riders: Pine Tree
Sun 12 Dec 06:00 AM Bowral Classic - Revised Date Bowral  
Sun 12 Dec 07:00 AM Bowral Classic 25 KMph  
Riders: Ben, Horatio, Lionheart, Pine Tree
Fri 24 Dec 06:30 AM Kristmas Kurnell Kurly OAFATSR (maybe)  
Riders: Dasha, Lionheart, Philby, Pigeon, Pine Tree, Victa
Sun 26 Dec 05:50 AM Summer Easterly Only as fast as gravity propels us  
Riders: Dasha, Limpet, Oma, Philby, Pine Tree, Victa
Tue 28 Dec 06:30 AM Newcastle OAFATSR  
Riders: Dasha, Limpet, Oma, Pigeon, The Riddler, Victa
Wed 29 Dec 06:30 AM F500 fluffer. Swim and return Normal  
Riders: Doc
Thu 30 Dec 06:30 AM Nina Newcastle OAFATSR  
Riders: Dasha, Doc, Limpet, Lionheart, Oma, Pigeon, Pine Tree, The Riddler, Turnip, UNick, Victa, Wilson
Sat 1 Jan 07:30 AM Norhern Beaches Loop New Years Day - with a mild hangonver  
Sat 8 Jan 06:30 AM Third Attempt at Newcastle. Hornsby Park  
Fri 14 Jan 06:40 AM Elect Rhodes The usual  
Riders: Pine Tree, The Riddler, Victa, Wilson
Sun 16 Jan 07:00 AM Woy Woy via Umina & Ettalong OAFATSR  
Riders: Dasha, Limpet, Lozza , Lunchie, Oma, Victa, Wilson
Wed 26 Jan 07:15 AM ER Australia Day Akuna Ride OAFARTG  
Riders: Blue Stratos, Dragon, Lassie, Lozza , Oma, Pine Tree, Pink Stratos, Victa
Sun 30 Jan 07:00 AM Surf and Turf OAFATSR  
Thu 10 Feb 05:15 AM Fluffer + [B&B Swim option] Brisk  
Sun 13 Feb 07:30 AM Wakey Wakehurst OAFATSR  
Riders: Dasha, Doc, Limpet, Victa
Tue 15 Feb 06:30 AM ZwiftER No drop - elastic band  
Riders: Dasha
Sun 20 Feb 06:30 AM Ride the River OAFATSR  
Riders: Dasha, Doc, Limpet, Lozza , Lunchie, Oma, The Riddler, Victa
Tue 1 Mar 06:30 AM ZwiftAER Elasticated band - no drop  
Riders: Victa
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