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Paul van Egmond
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Road, XC, DH
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Casual rider trying to keep fit. Plan is to do the full XCM XC series next year.
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Rainy Day
Louis Peppou
Starting cycling again as recovery from torn knee cartilage in 2006. Joined the B2Bs with Mike, my brother,in early 2007, when there were about 4-5 of them, to commute from Hornsby Heights to Surry Hills (42km). Main route was M2 + Lane Cove River Park, until the M2 was shut. Grew up with the B2Bs (I suggested the name), until I tried, and just failed to do the 3 peaks in March 2012. I've twice looked after Ravi's bike after his 2 spills in Chatswood. Was motivated by my son (Danny The Boy) completing Audax ACE and 3 Peaks this year, and will try again in 2015 with the ACE in 2015. And I am also known as The Horn. Also I was an early pioneer of the back door.
Epping Commute
Andrew Hinchon
I live in the Hills area of Sydney and have been bashing out weekend rides with mates on my old Felt F75. I have recently upgraded to carbon (Cannondale EVO3 - what a revelation!) and started commuting to the city 2 days a week. Weekend rides range from M7 bike path and Windsor Road (Richmond air base) loops to the more scenic trips around Galston/Berowra, Bobbin Head, West Head and Akuna Bay etc.
Marc Tan
I like riding. Very much. Thank you.
Edwin Sice
Married, with two children Taken up casual riding and occassional commutes to work which I thoroughly enjoy
Suhento Gunawan
Epping OTP
Steve Ead
English man making the most of the great Aussie weather and outdoor life
Daniel Yeung
Used to love my running but the knees could not keep up. Took up swimming during lunch hour down at Boy Charlton but realised I was running just as far just to get to the pool. Saw so many riders out and about on the weekend so decided to give it a try and haven't looked back since.
Rod Scanlon
Nothing much to say
Cameron Holmes
Love riding to work, great way to start the day. Currently riding about 2 times a week but looking to improve on that.
Tony Patterson
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