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Moots road bike, Kestrel road bike, Nine
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I've been riding most of my life apart from my several years of a 'fat period'.. These days cycling is part of my lifestyle; I race, commute, cycle tour and even do my shopping on the bike. I'm invo
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Rick Argenta
I'm 35 years old, work in a very busy job and love cycling and sailing "meditations".
Goran Bojanovic
Live in Lane Cove and ride with Lane Covelo. Commute to the CBD twice a week and do Rhodes Roubaix with you.
Andrew Smith
Exploring the environs around new home in Bundanoon and possible bike packing.
The Riddler
Robert Riddell
Late middle aged, cycling obsessed and always politically correct.
Katy Rullman
I started a new job in the City this year and have been frustrated with the public transit commute. Although I haven't been a serious road biker in the past, I bought a bike recently and am excited to dig into cycling, both for fitness and as a way of meeting people.
Richard O'Neill
Better in pleats than cleats, this muppet shows a dogged loyalty to flat pedals. If only he could ride up hills...
Noob (self-declared newbie?)
Giles Stapleton
Barrister, parent, resident of Warrawee, closing in on overweight, eager to enjoy chat, exercise and coffee stops in the sunshine, safely
Lawrence Atkinson
Have enjoyed cycling since I was a kid. No commuting these days, semi-retired. Now just for fun and exercise.
Pine Tree
Colin Meade
After slogging away on the commute on a custom-built Salsa steel tourer on and off for 10 years, I've upgraded the bike so now riding more often to get my money's worth! Lovin' it.
Graham Leslie
I ride for about 12 hours most weeks. What was I doing with all that time before I got the riding bug? No more gaming, no more TV. I really enjoy cycle commuting (and the challenges and planning that come with it). Long rides on the weekend to new places also rock. My family consists of two adult kids and two younger kids in transition from primary to high school and a wonderful bride.
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