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Have enjoyed cycling since I was a kid. No commuting these days, semi-retired. Now just for fun and exercise.
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Alex Kooijman
Passionate MTB rider. Road riding to keep me going and to put in the miles.
Allison Thomas
Originally a mountain biker riding the hills and trails of Scotland. Changed to road riding upon moving to Sydney in 2000. After some time off to have a couple of lovely boys, I decided to look for some more challenges and took up triathlon. Squeezing the rides in where I can, usually when I should be asleep.
TBA (Dale Hurley)
Dale Hurley
Recently married, just moved to Bushland Shire (Hornsby), CTO of CreditorWatch and Studying an MBA.
Tim (tba)
Tim Partridge
Started riding in Sydney in 2013 having moved here back in 2009.
Eric Tse
My Italian friend said 'You'll not ride more than a week or two' when I started in 2001. 12 years later and 25,000km's worth of commuting might prove him wrong. Mind you, some of the 'commutes' were 85kms long....
Derek Oldham
Moved to Sydney 2005, eventually got out the old mtb to ride to work and got picked up by ER along the way...that seems a long time ago!
Scott Thomas
In house lawyer at Westpac. Father of 3. Live in Roseville near Dragon. Started cycling to and from work after running injury in 2012.
Greg Barwell
Always keen to challenge the boundaries - most noteably the fine line between maximising time on the bike and divorce proceedings
Graeme Weatherill
Six years ago my younger brother asked if i'd like to go for a ride with him. I thought he'd want to do something crazy like 30km... Three years later my longest day in the saddle has seen me cover 316km, but the single biggest highlight has been completing the 2016 Peaks Challenge Falls Creek with my four brothers, and completing it three hours quicker than on my first attempt in 2012. PCFC covers 235km and over 4,500m of climb in a day. Today I see myself as a mix of a sadist and a masochist. I like hurting myself on the bike, but making others suffer more on their bikes is even more fun!
Prashant Kalia
Moved to Sydney from NY a few years ago. Never thought I would be commuting to work on a bike 18kms each way very day till I saw the ER gang. Now I can't imagine commuting any other way..
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