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Epping OTP
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English man making the most of the great Aussie weather and outdoor life
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Jamie Cryan
Will he? Won’t he? Will he? Won’t he? Will he join otp? Wish I was a hard man of the north but instead have found myself to be a fair weather semi (an overstatement) committed rider. Don’t have like to talk while riding. Am very grateful to come across such an understanding bunch of ladies and gentlemen.
Michael  Rees-Evans
Born, now living, dead one day - when I'm transferring over to heaven.
Lanterne Rouge
Hugh Robertson
A few years ago Lantern R was lured unsuspecting into riding by Admin C, now I have four bikes, which appears to be D-1. Base camp for team LR recently moved to the leafy upper north shore, which was, contrary to all rumours not solely so I could become a more regular member of the ER bunch. You can ask me how I got to be LR it's a long story (over 10 hours)
Rabbit (el Conejo)
Peter Mahoney
As a young chap, where I came from there was no other way to get around other than by bike, so I biked alot and raced a few times at Brands Hatch circuit, very poorly I might add. in the early 1990s bought one of the first mountain bikes and rode around Hong Kong on it. When I came to Aus I started commuting into town from St Ives very closely on the OTP. I was honoured to be named one of the first Senior Members or the ER group I quite like cycling and have only been hospitalised twice.
Andrew Blades
Be gentile with me
Bernard Vuto
I love long day rides and live for that reason no drugs or drinking anymore I'm not born again my rides can be anything between 100-400+ miles when i do go
85535_me&mine 015.JPG
Rogue Dawg
Rufus Doss
I haul chicken by day. RideHD nights and weekends
Tony Faahan-Smith
Perth Calgary London Singapore HK Sydney (8 years)
Jim Rabeau
Love riding in to work whenever I can. Good banter, good friends and great excercise.
Andrew McDermott
Spin to win
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