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BT: MAMIL...Baroudeur...Lanterne Rouge...people call me many names...HMOTN Jenny feel free to add more.
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Larri Wallbridge
My bike is my saviour; always looking for excuse to ride! A Zimbo - from Zimbabwe originally and always been into sports (3 phase eventing on horses; hockey, triathlons, marathon running; cycling on both mtb and road) A passionate cyclist - love the outdoors; bush & my bucket-list goals are to participate in multi-day mtb events around the world. I am not the typical female preferring outdoor and active clothing as opposed to frock and high heels!! Oh -hate shopping apart from Wiggle et al!!)
Lord of Warwick
Fergus Hume
Lord of Warrawee no more, moved home to the Northern state
Peter Dobrijevic
Agro: Remember Rule#5 of the Velominati without doing the Gen Y thing and having it tattooed on my person.
69391_2010 England & France Trip 276.JPG
David Browne
Brownie/TSS: I have been riding, racing and repairing bikes for a very long time.
Sam (TBA)
Samuel Lee
"It's all about the Bike!"
Zlatko Tomevski
Zlatko, Originally from Makedonija, have been involved in swimming, skiing, football (alias known as soccer in this country) and hiking. Just love outdoor activities. My bike is my ultimate escape!
Chris Perry
Dragon got me into the 2011 Gong Ride. Started training occasionally and enjoyed it. Got a proper bike Jan 2012. Met SatNav and the ERs shortly after. Started riding more and more and finally daily. Clutters got me on a Flutter mid 2012 - that nearly killed me but I loved it! Started doing longer and harder rides, always chasing an ER. Completed three 3 Peaks rides and a Fitzs Extreame. Moving into Audax rides. Ride Hobbits in and out most days.
Ravi Underwood
Ravi The Grate (RTG): I live in Sydney and ride to work when it is not raining. I dont do 3 peaks and never let my heart rate rise above 200bpm.
Ben Triefus
BT: MAMIL...Baroudeur...Lanterne Rouge...people call me many names...HMOTN Jenny feel free to add more.
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