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Merida Scultura 6000
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Husband to one woman, father of three children. Corporate Strategy lead by day. Recently taken up cycling after my lifelong lover Rugby Union said I was too old. Enjoying the new relationship but st
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Michael Whitbread
I ride in to town most days from Cronulla in the glorious Sutherland Shire. I enjoy meeting other riders and am always happy to ride in with new friends. If you ride in from the south and want to share the ride, let me know.
David Powell
Weekend warrior-work from home. Prefer riding with a good bunch then solo sprints.Good on flats,rolling hills-so so on hills but being out spinning in most weathers.
Naremburn? (not officially given)....
Liam Wilson
A close second to the best way to start the day - i love it!
Nick Tiffen
One of the more mature gentlemen in the ER peloton.
Julian Cork
Moved to Sydney in 2010 from the UK and over to Turramurra in 2013. Used to ride to work in London but it wasn't quite the full 30km of the Turra to Sydney route! Aspire to more than one ride a week over time...
Second Half
Peter Janssen
A newbie who enjoys the short ride from Lindfield to Circular Quay
Jack McCartney
Average guy with mortgage, kids, dogs etc.
9 Lives
Phill Champ
Started with a folding bike on the train then after replacing my first road bike started to get into commuting
Lakey aka Sulu
John Lake
First started with Easies over 5 years ago. I hail from Cape Town where I cut my teeth on about 4 Argus cycle tours before heading to OZ. Married to Anna with three kids and manage an equities fund.
Andrew Vaughan
Started riding my rusty mountain bike to work from Crows Nest in early 2012, sporting boardies and a singlet and pretty average fitness. After a move to Lane Cove, and stumbling across the ERs (courtesy of Satnav) I've now made the unexpected transition of both bike and attire into something a bit more PC. I absolutely love the ride to work of a morning - I'm counting the days since my last bus trip (well, not really, but I know it's been a while!)
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