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Hardtail Merida MTB converted to eBike
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Husband, father of 2, educator with a new job in the city, now making cycling (and kayaking) regular features of my week. Planning to make commuting a regular feature.
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Harry Suhanic
Surgeon said "get on a bike". Started out on daughter's rusty mtb, then onto son's 80's "roadie", graduated to a Roubaix. Usually on the RR or Parra Pony. “Living the dream”
Clive Johnston
Have ridden to school, college and work for 25 years.
No bikes indoors
Martin Pengilly
An enthusiastic runner who's knees said no more running, I now enjoy the hills and beauty of Sydney and surrounds, on and off road. Sadly (for me), all bikes have been banned from inside our house.
Richard  Woo
I started cycling a few years ago with a view to losing a bit of weight. Now ~15kg lighter, hills are a lot easier! Looking to commute into the city more regularly - the ER way.
Paul van Egmond
Paul Van Egmond
Casual rider trying to keep fit. Plan is to do the full XCM XC series next year.
Nick Mowat
I used to be a fat bloke with a desire to get fitter and faster after too many years of smoking and enjoying the company of good food and wine. Now I am a slightly thinner bloke who is a bit fitter and just loves riding. I commute three to four times a week and have completed the Peaks Challenge 4 times.
Chris Hare
Mentally scarred as a 6 year-old, riding down steep hill on a bike with no brakes, wearing just swimmers, and bare feet. Only one way to stop - burn through the soles of your feet and crash in a heap at the bottom. Got the rest of the week off school though!
John Valtwies
Just call me double flat. Wannabe roady - but just an enthusiast.
Luke Binsted
Fat person in a thin person's body, got well and truly hooked when a teenager. Forever skating that fine line between time on bike and commencement of divorce proceedings... while living in the doghouse.
Ajay Patankar
I am an Accountant started working in city. I am here to develop my inner strength to achive my goals. I came across this quote which I like to share "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving." -Albert Einstein, letter to his son Eduard, 1930
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