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Ebert Terblanche
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Boardman Team Carbon
Biography :
New to riding, hope to do daily commute on the Epping route
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Lachlan Hughes
New to cycling...looking to ride a few times a week from Pymble to the city.
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Laurent Fignon
Laurent Toussaint
Been riding ever since I can remember. My dad being French owned a bicycle shop and my brother raced for our province in South Africa. I ride road at the moment but would like to do a bit of offroad if I can find some good tracks.
Glenn Druery
I've been riding most of my life apart from my several years of a 'fat period'.. These days cycling is part of my lifestyle; I race, commute, cycle tour and even do my shopping on the bike. I'm involved with Ultra Distance Racing and have done the 5000km Race Across America (RAAM) 4 times, most recently last June. A member of Audax Australia and the Ultra Marathon Cycling Association (UMCA).. Seeya on the road/track/trail
Graham Boyce
Was a weekend road warrior until I discovered ER and the OTP. Now I am complete.
Cathie Drysdale
Cathie Drysdale
Hello there!
Peter Morris
Started riding as a young boy and except for a shorty period when I first got my car licence, I have ridden to work (or at least the train station). I joined the E/Rs in 2008 and rode with them most every day for 3 years until my wife and I moved to Newcastle. Now I ride up here to get to and from work. I am happily married with five beautiful daughters.
Stuart Campbell
Just started riding to work. Chatswood to North Sydney.
John O'Connell
In a perennial state of advancing decline.
Jamie Cryan
Creeaak, creeaak, creaak. One day I will own a new bike as beautiful as Bullet(Le)'s bike.
Michael  Rees-Evans
Born, now living, dead one day - when I'm transferring over to heaven.
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