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Pinarello Carbon Prince & Specialise
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Been riding since 2000 on an irregular basis. Expanded into MTB activities in 2010. Joined Easy Riders in 2012 post intro from Captain and Larri. Great group and was loving it. Unfortunately move
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Jenna Edward
Began riding regularly in March 2012 to train for the Ride to Conquer Cancer after my 21yr old brother and 90yr old Grandfather were diagnosed with (and have sine beat!) the disease. Once my derrière forgave me for the first few long rides, I was hooked. Have been riding recreationally with my training buddy (mum) usually 2-3 days a week for the past year around the Gorges, Brooklyn and Mona Vale road. And now this little voice in my head tells me to ride more, ride whenever I can... So here I am... It's the perfect antidote to a desk-job!
Ian Cuthbertson
Winning Is Nothing. Your behaviour is everything. That means I wont race you but I will know if you have been dropped off the back of the group. This is the mission statement of our social group on the Central Coast which is the St Huberts Island Triathlon Club. Shortened it reads S.H.I.T. Club. Shortened further it reads S Club. I am S Club Ride Captain so I plan all the weekend rides and any way trips. The bunch has also left me responsible for safety and etiquette. Go figure.
Tony Doherty
Being Asquith born and bread, living off a small Cul-de-sac (Laurel Close) with heaps of kids all my age. Bike riding was the only way to get around. Whether it was learning to wheelstand all the way up our street, getting some serious air jumping a wooden ramp or hitting the fire trails around Hornsby Heights. It was truely a good way to learn bike riding skills. After I left school the Pacific highway to Chatswood was the way to go. The thirty minute commute was fun, fun until the day I stopped riding for 20-odd years. I found out the hard way that cars can stop way faster than a bike! Anyhow, 23 years past - I had left my youth and my 68kg frame was a distant memory. Pushing 46 years old and 92kg, I had enough of roundabout of home-work-home via the "Barry". So I decided to ride again. Back in early April 2012 I met Dobbo we chatted, then a week or so later so met again and he told me all about ER. Things haven't looked back since. The Epping chapter of Dobbo, Zaltko, Lobster, Simon, Danny the Boy, BT and I has grown. Without the ER group, I know I would have been back on the "barry" a long time ago.
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Adventure guy
Ben Scott
Early riding years spent around the streets of the northern suburbs of Wollongong on my Raleigh grifter BMX variant. Several years later discovered mountain biking as part of Adventure racing and ever since have spent many years in the meantime learning how to fall off my mountain bike. Have competed in a lot of events across Australia including GeoQuest, XPD, Max Adventure, AROC and Central Australian bike challenges. These days my riding is strictly limited to occasionally getting out on the road bike for travel to and from work these days (as a family of 3 daughters keeps me busy !)
Alexandra Keith
I started my riding career in Bairnsdale, Victoria, 2011. I moved there for my first job after uni and my first housemate was a regular weekend rider. At that stage I was only a runner and rode my hybrid bike on the odd occasion. One of the annual community events was the Pink Ride which raised money for breast cancer. So I decided to do the 60km version of this. I had a ball and was very surprised to have made it, plus it was so much faster than running! Subsequently, I joined my housemate and did the weekend ride with the Caffeine Cruisers. After a few weeks one the of the MAMILs in the group lent me his daughters old racing road bike, now my current bike. Boy did it make a difference, I could actually keep up for most of the way now! After a year of 'loaning' the bike I eventually asked if I could just buy it off them. So I had my first proper bike! I lived there for 18 months after which moved to Sydney in August 2012. A few months of riding mostly by myself I then found the ERs and have being riding more than ever before. I just love the social aspect of cycling.
Sean Smit
Love waking up early to pull on the lycra...! Enjoy the banter of the ER's!
Glen Evans
Ran into an ER on my first commute to the city from Beecroft. Now ride semi frequently and more now daylight savings is in place.
Pink Stratos
Caroline Houghton
Wilson Tjoa
Weekend warrior trying a mix of everything
Danny Boy
Danny Peppou
Originally a B2B regular, I saw the light sometime between Lindfield and Roseville.
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